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Terms and Conditions

Engagement and Notifications

Discounts and Late Payments

We understand that sometimes late payments can happen.  When it does, your invoice will be subject to a 1.5% service charge per month, in addition to the fees invoiced + collection fees if your account is in arrears.   

Discounts to our pricing ONLY apply to invoices that are paid on time by our clients.   If an invoice is past due, it is subject to reversal of all discounts applied.   If you know that a payment may be processed late, please reach out to our accounts payable department to make an accommodation in this area.

TechSmarter also reserves the right to turn off ongoing prepaid services, in the event that your account is past due.  Our goal is not to disrupt your business, but to be able to quickly bring your account current and work with you to establish a payment schedule.   


Communication is the best way to prevent this from happening and reduce the impact of additional finance charges or reversal of discounts.

Charges on Expense Reimbursements

As we often purchase items for clients at no mark up, we try to use their accounts to purchase things from vendors (ex. Amazon/Office Depot, etc.).   This allows us to be nimble and not tie up our credit.

There are times when these "emergency purchases" are not reimbursed in a timely fashion (say within 15-30 days).  This limits the ways in which TechSmarter can respond to clients. We are not a financial institution, nor do we charge service fees or finance charges like financial institutions do for the credit that they are offering to their clients.

In the event that TechSmarter uses its resources to purchase items that are billed back to clients via an expense reimbursement invoice, it reserves the right to apply an additional 20% margin to current and ongoing purchases for clients that result in balances being carried for more than 30 business days.

Collections Fees & Service Charges

In the unlikely event that there is a significant outstanding balance, be aware that all current and past due invoices are subject to reversal of all discounts, addition of margin for non-reimbursed expenses, and 1.5% per month service charges for any unpaid balances, plus any additional charges resulting in the collections process and/or any legal  or court fees.

Note:  We are not trying to be punitive in these fees--often times if we can simply pay up the outstanding balance immediately, we will offer to only collect the original invoice amount, plus any true out-of-pocket expenses resulting in the collections process.   We are simply trying to collect the amount billed based on what was provided to the client.

Right to Hire

Our value to our clients is the experience and expertise of our staff.  If you want to hire one of our employees to become a part of your organization, we would be happy to discuss this with you. We just need to protect the investment we have in our staff, and the costs associated with finding, hiring and training a replacement individual. 


Our engagement agreement states a much higher dollar value to reimburse for loss of an employee than we would be willing to negotiate with a client. We just ask that if this is something being considered, let's talk about a more reasonable amount, and plan for a smooth transition for the employee, you as a client and for our replacement staff.

Prepaid Services

Prepaid services are due one day before they are provided.   If this is a recurring item, and due every month at the same time, and you did not receive the invoices (for whatever reason) and you have NOT notified in writing that you are cancelling future services before this date, all services rendered are still due by that date. Lack of notice is not an excuse for nonpayment.

Furthermore, if notice is not given, even if payment is not rendered, it is still due, after the fact, until notice is given (subject to prior notice agreed upon when services were executed). 

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