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Who We Are

Solutions for Success

TechSmarter is a premier network integration and consulting firm established to help customers use technology to be more competitive.

TechSmarter was founded in 2000 to deliver outsourced technology solutions to small to medium-sized organizations. Unlike many other firms, we don't sell “stuff”, meaning we do not mark up products to our clients, but instead help our clients find the right technology solutions to best fit their needs. As outsourced “Virtual” Chief Information Officers, we provide strategic direction to help make the best choices and offer tactical, technical people to help implement them.

Over the years, we have delivered world class support to a wide range of institutions, including manufacturing firms, professional supplements organizations, law firms, oil and gas firms, retail establishments, a large number of community banks and many others.

Our focus is to keep things simple and not to overly complicate the technology we use. We tend to recommend an alternative instead of adding something over-the-top, especially when we know it will be unreliable or take a client away from their core strengths. We don’t just reach for a high-tech solution when a low-tech solution works better. Because we don’t sell “stuff”, when we do recommend a purchase, it is because it fits a need or has some payback to your organization.

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